YVES THURIES cocoa plantation

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Our Cocoa Plantations in the Treasure of Pacific: Guayaquil, Ecuador

San Fernando Plantation 540 tons / Year - 106 Farmers - 540 Ha

thuries plantation ecuador
cocoa plantation

Presentation of San Fernando, cocoa plantation

cocoa plantation

cocoa plantationHacienda San Fernando

540 ha including :

  • Bananas : 50 ha
  • Cocoa Being planted : 70 ha
  • Plantation : 193 ha (cacao ECUAWA) - including 123 ha in full production
  • Total in full production : 210 ha

Number of workers : 105

Forecast 2020 following the entry into production of new plantations :
20 000 q eg 910 t

plantation entry

Cocoa transformation in San Fernando

cocoa beans on tree
cocoa beans closed
cocoa beans open
cocoa beans fermentation
cocoa beans drying
cocoa beans ready to send

Each bean is carefully selected to provide you the best qualitative aromas and flavours.